How do I change my phone number?

How do I change my mobile phone number?

It is essential that you update your mobile phone number to continue to receive information about your account such as your personal and confidential codes that you receive by sms.
⚠️ If you no longer have access to your customer area, follow the first option below:
1-In completing this document:
To avoid the risk of hacking you can only change your email address or phone number once every 24 hours. Adding a beneficiary is also impossible for 24 hours.
You can download the paper version by clicking here.
If you still have access to your customer area, you can modify it independently by following the instructions below:
2-From your web client area
We send you a code by email to verify and authenticate your phone change.
3-From the Nickel App:
  • On theNickel Appclick on the "PLUS" tab and select the "my profile" section, click on the pen icon in the "phone number" field and fill in your usual access code (the one used to log in to your web customer area and the app)
  • A security code is sent to you by email, enter it directly on the App
  • Enter your new phone number
  • A security code will be sent to your new phone number by sms.
  • Your new phone number has been changed.
❌ Please note, card replacement via SMS is not possible if you have made a change to your phone number (24 hour delay).
💡 For security, if you have just changed your mobile phone number: changing your postal address, phone number or email address is impossible and blocked for 24 hours
Beware of scams: NEVER give out security codes received by SMS (especially not to people pretending to be our staff). These codes are personal and confidential, never rely on communications claiming otherwise.