How do I replace my Nickel card after I've blocked it?

If your card is lost, misplaced, or you are a victim of fraud, proceed quickly to stop your Nickel card.
Once your card is opposed you can replace it with a new standard Nickel card or a Nickel Premium card.

I replace my Nickel card at a partner press shop

Once your card is blocked, a replacement code is automatically sent to you by sms.

What to do with this replacement code?

Present this code to your Nickel distributor and on presentation of your ID, buy a new Nickel box: you pay € 20 to the point of sale-owner and Nickel automatically reimburses you € 10 on your account directly after the replacement.
You will receive the new PIN code of your new Nickel card by sms.
💡 For a minor, the card replacement must be done by the legal representative. The child does not have to be present.

I did not receive my replacement code by sms, what should I do?

On the terminal at the partner distributor Nickel click on "Replace my card"
  • If you have your opposed card with you, enter your 10-digit ID (on the back of your card) and your mobile phone number
    You can retrieve your ID by email by texting the word ID to 0460 21 39 26 (from the DOM)
  • If you do not have your opposite card with you: enter the last 4 characters of your ID (used to open the account) and your mobile number.


You will receive a validation code by sms, which you will enter on the terminal and your replacement code will appear on the screen.

I replace my opposite card with a Nickel Premium card:

You can order a Nickel Premium card from your Nickel customer area or from the app. Find out more about the offer, its rates, and the steps to follow by clicking here.
It will be delivered to your home, within 15 working days maximum, remember to update your postal address before ordering.

After replacement, have my bank details changed?

No, the IBAN of your account does not change, we automatically attach this new card to your account.
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