Can I request to reopen my Nickel account?

Can a closed Nickel account be reopened?
Yes, a closed account can be requested to be reopened.
This request is made by contacting customer service by phone 02 891 29 80.

Conditions for requesting the reopening of your account:

Nickel will be able to reopen your account once your personal information has been updated by phone.
As soon as a Nickel advisor has received the requested information and analysed your request, you will be informed of the reopening of your account by email.

Reopening a Nickel account, step by step :

  • Contact the customer service department on 02 891 29 80.
  • Once you have contacted customer service, they will be able to tell you whether or not you are eligible to reopen your account.
The advisor will send you an e-mail to which you will have to reply and ask you to send the necessary documents to reopen your account. Below are the documents to be sent in case of change/amendment of:
Once Nickel has received the supporting documents, it verifies your information and validates your reopening file.

Does my account keep the same card and bank details?

You will need to buy your new Nickel card for € 20 at the Nickel press shop nearest you.
A replacement code will be sent to you by text message. You just have to present it to the press shop with your ID.
You keep the same bank details. To get your IBAN, click here.

How to access your customer area?

To access your customer area, follow these directions.
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