How to download and use the Nickel - Compte pour tous application?

Download the free and secure Nickel app 📱 :
  • The app is available on iPhone and Android,
  • Download it from the Apple store and Google Play


💡Free and secure, it's ideal for checking your accounts at any time of the day! 


We make many updates to enrich the App, make sure you have the latest version on your phone.
Can I create my customer area from the App?
  • Yes, your first login to the Nickel customer area directly from the app!
  • Enter your 10-digit ID (located on the back of your Nickel card) and your last name as indicated when you opened your account
  • Click on create your password
  • Enter the code received by sms
  • Create your own 6-digit access code.


You can also create and access your customer area from a computer.


Find out how to do here.


How do I connect to the application?
  • Log in with your 10-digit Id (located on the back of your Nickel card)
  • Enter your 6-digit access code.
What is the purpose of the code I received by sms to connect to the App?
  • When you first log in to your customer area from the Nickel app, a code is sent to you by sms.
  • This security code allows you to register the device used (tablets, phones) to connect to your Nickel customer area.
  • Enter the code received by sms and log in with your usual login and access code.


💡 You can use as many terminals as you like, just register them once to secure your connection.


If the device used is different from the previous one, an sms will be sent to you systematically.


Always remember to update your phone number on your customer area.


View and manage your account from the app:
  • Create your customer area for free
  • Order a new Nickel Chrome card
  • Transfer money internationally with with RIA
  • Check your balance in real time
  • Block and unblock your card/payments instantly
  • Oppose your card
  • Make transfers when you need them
  • Add new transfer beneficiaries without asking for IBAN thanks to the sms transfer
  • Manage your payment and withdrawal limits .
  • Choose your custom alerts
  • Request to receive your secret code of card by sms
  • Get and share your IBAN
  • Find the distributor nearest you


Not a Nickel customer yet?


Open your Nickel account in 5 minutes at a partner distributor or via the online subscription.
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