Can I make payments in instalments with my card?

Is it possible to pay in instalments with my Nickel card?

  • Yes, but it is not recommended to make payments in installments with your Nickel card.
  • We strongly recommend cash payment.
Why some merchants refuse to accept payment in installments
  • Acceptance of your card for payment in installments is at the discretion of the merchant.
  • He decides whether or not to accept your payment in installments.


If the merchant accepts, there are 2 modes of operation:

1-some merchants make a debit request for the first due date and at the same time a debit request for the top-up. The top-up is then debited from your account for a few days (8 days max).
Your account is then credited with the additional amount and only the amount of the first payment is debited. This is required by merchants to check your account balance.


2- e-commerce sites such as C DISCOUNT, make a request to debit the first installment at the time of online purchase and a new request for the complement at the time of shipment (which may occur 2-3 days later).
The purchase can be accepted at first and then refused during the shipment because the complement cannot be debited on your account.

💡 Your account is then re-credited with the top-up and only the amount of the first installment is debited.
  • Finally, you should know that merchants carry out a file check with the Banque de France before accepting certain payments in several instalments.


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