How to contest a transaction?

How to contest a payment?

Whether in France or abroad, you may be confronted with fraudulent use of your Nickel card. If you think someone else is using your account without your consent, immediately stop payment on your Nickel card.
  • Send us a copy of the complaint deposit and your dispute letter using this frame via our form or by post to the following address: Financière des Paiements Électroniques - Koningsstraat 144-146, 1000 Brussels. Download the paper version by clicking here.
  • For any purchase dispute, you can make a Perceval declaration, available on the Service Public website, which must then be finalised with a gendarmerie unit or a police department.

How do I contest a withdrawal?

You have made one or more withdrawals with your bank card and the cash dispenser did not give you the money you asked for?
💡 Whether it's a payment dispute or a withdrawal, we will not process a file containing a transaction in process.

What is an operation in process?

  • Transactions "in process"are transactions for which we have not yet received confirmation from the merchant or bank.
  • The maximum return period for the merchant is 8 working days.
💡 Sometimes the amount of a transaction may be different from the actual amount of your purchase because the merchant is performing a card check or making a bank imprint. This amount is settled within a maximum of 8 working days.


  • iTunes or Paypal performs card checks when you register on their site.
  • They temporarily debit your account with 1 or 2 dollars (about 0.98 €). This amount is adjusted and disappears automatically within a maximum of 8 working days.
💡 It is not possible to dispute a transaction being processed. You must wait until a transaction is no longer being processed to send a dispute request.

An operation is confirmed, it no longer appears "in process".

  • If a transaction is no longer "in process" on your account, it means that it has been confirmed by the merchant and charged to your account.
  • We cannot cancel or withdraw a purchase or withdrawal made with your Nickel card.
  • If you dispute the amount of a transaction, you should contact the merchant directly.
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