How do I confirm my mailing address?

For all subscriptions made before March 18, 2021, the validation of your postal address is the last step to definitively validate your Nickel account.


In accordance with our legal obligations, we must verify the accuracy of the information you provide.


How do I validate my postal address?


You can validate your mailing address by validating the code received by mail or by sending us a proof of address via our contact form.





After subscription, a mail is sent to your home within 2 to 4 days.
This mail contains an authentication code that begins with "HO" and this code validates your mailing address.
To validate the code two solutions:
  • Send it by sms: to 0460 21 39 26 from overseas departments
  • Or enter it directly into your customer area





Log in to your customer area and check or change your mailing address to receive new mail.



P.O. boxes are not a valid mailing address.





Didn't you receive the mail?


Send us a proof of address in your name and less than 3 months old via our contact form.



Here is the list of accepted documents :


  • an electricity, gas, water or telephone bill
  • a fixed-line or ADSL telephone bill or a notice of expiry less than three months old in your name
  • an energy contract certificate,
  • a rent receipt from an official body (social landlord)
  • a certificate of insurance for housing, fire, rental risks or liability
  • a certificate of election of domicile (valid for one year)





If you are staying with a third party :



Download and print the accommodation certificate ; it must be filled in by the person who is accommodating you.



The document must be returned to us via our contact form, completed and signed along with the following supporting documents:


  • identity card (front and back and in colour) of the host
  • Proof of residence of the host less than 3 months old





If you are hosted by a legal entity :


  • Proof of address in the name of the company
  • Certificate of accommodation for the temporary worker
  • Delegation to the person centralizing the requests in the company
  • Identification of the person delegated
What happens if I don't validate my mailing address?


After 30 days without receiving the authentication code, your Nickel account will be automatically blocked.


To unlock it, all you have to do is confirm your postal address by choosing one of the 2 options listed above.


  • As long as the address is not confirmed, the services of your Nickel account are limited: in addition to the standard limits applicable to any new account, the cumulative amount of transactions debited from the account cannot exceed the sum of 750 euros.
  • As soon as the account is blocked, the account is also blocked on the credit side, which means that you will not be able to receive your transfers.
    The transfer will be returned to the issuer.
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