How can I change my personal information (name, first name, email address, telephone number, postal address)?

How do I change my mobile phone number?

1- From your web customer area
  • Click on the "Edit my profile" then "Edit my personal information" and "Edit my phone number"
We will send you a code by email to verify and authenticate your phone change.
2-From your App
  • Click on the "MORE" tab and select the "my profile" section, then click on the pen icon in the "telephone number" field and enter your usual access code (the one used to connect to your web customer area and the app)
  • A security code is sent to you by email, enter it directly on the App
  • Enter your new phone number
  • A security code will be sent to your new phone number by sms.
  • Your new phone number has been changed.
3- In completing this document:
  • You must complete this document, sign it and send it back to us via our contact form along with a scan of your double-sided ID.
To avoid the risk of hacking you can only change your email address or phone number once every 24 hours.
You can download the paper version by clicking here.
The customer service will get back to you by email and the delay is 24/48h.
💡 For security reasons, if you have just changed your mobile phone number, changing your postal address, phone number and email address is blocked for 24 hours.
💡 Adding a beneficiary is impossible for 24 hours as well.

Change your email address

1-From your customer area
  • Click on the "Edit my profile" then "Edit my personal information" then "Edit my email address".
  • A confirmation code is sent to you by sms
  • Enter your new email address
You will receive a validation email on your new email address with a confirmation link.
You have 24 hours to click on the validation link.
2- By completing this document
  • Fill out and sign this document
  • Send it back with a copy of your ID or passport via our contact form.
You can download the paper version by clicking here.

Change your mailing address

1-From your customer area
  • Click on the "Edit my profile" and then "Edit my information" and fill in your new mailing address.

Change your name and/or surname

1- if it is a typo or error when entering on the terminal, and we already have your ID document, you can send us your request via this contact form.
2- if you wish to change your name, following a marriage for example, you must send us, via this contact form, your request accompanied by a supporting document (marriage certificate etc.)
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