What should I do if I have lost, forgotten or want to reset my customer area access code?

How to retrieve my forgotten access code :
  • Go to your customer area Nickel
  • Enter your 10-digit identifier (located on the back of your Nickel card)
  • Click on "What is my access code?"
  • Then fill in your username, phone number and ID number


💡 If you change your access code, the new one must be different from the previous one.


You cannot use the same access code several times to access your Nickel customer area.


Where can I find my 10-digit ID :
  • Your 10-digit identifier is located on the back of your Nickel card
  • In case of lost or forgotten, text ID to 0460 21 39 26.


💡 Always make sure your personal details are up to date on your customer area.


To change your phone, email or even your postal address follow these directions.
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