What should I do if my card is blocked after 3 wrong codes?

I made three wrong codes, my card is blocked, what can I do?
  • If you make 3 wrong codes your Nickel card will be blocked, an email and a text message will inform you on the phone number indicated on your customer area.
  • Unfortunately it is not possible to unlock a card.You will then need to replace it at a Nickel point of sale.
  • After the replacement, the IBAN of your account does not change.
How to replace my card in my customer area:
  • Go to your customer area
  • Click on "You can do anything" and then "Replace your card".
  • Your old card will be blocked (if not already done) and will trigger the sending of an sms with a replacement code.




How do I replace my card at a Nickel store?
  • Go to press shop with your card or the ID you used to open your account and your mobile phone.
  • This will allow you to perform the replacement directly on the terminal.
How to replace my card by calling customer service
  • Call customer service (numbers on the back of your card)
  • Choose option 1 and then a second time option 1.
What should I do with the temporary replacement code I receive?
  • Follow the online instructions and then click on "Receive your code by sms".
  • You will then receive a temporary 5-digit code, which will allow the press shop owner to link your new card to your account.
  • The IBAN of your account does not change.
Go to a Nickel press shop owner to replace my card
  • Visit a Nickel point of sale.
  • Give the code received by sms to the press shop owner so that he can activate the new card.
  • You will receive the new PIN code for your card a few moments later.


💡 The purchase of a new pack costs € 20.


We will refund € 10 directly to your account after the replacement.



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