How do I create or change my access code to the customer area?

How do I access my Nickel customer area for the first time?


When you first log in, you can create your customer area:


  • From your Nickel app (available on the Apple store and Google Play)
  • From the web, on your mobile, by searching for "" in your search bar
  • From your Web Customer Area, on the website


Regardless of your choice, you must enter your 10-digit identifier when you first log in (find your 10-digit identifier on the back of your Nickel Mastercard).


Then enter your last name and click on "Validate".
How do I choose my new personalized access code?
  • Enter a 6-digit code of your choice twice
  • Your access code is created.
How do I secure my access code to the customer area?
  • Do not write anywhere your password.
  • Don't use a password that is too simple, such as your date of birth.
  • Change it regularly.


💡 If you change your access code, the new one must be different from the previous one.
You cannot use the same access code more than once.


How to change my access code :
  • Go to your customer area under: "Profile"
  • Click on "Change my access code".
What to do if I still can't log in to my customer area
  • If you lost your login: click here
  • If you have lost your access code click here


Is your account still frozen?
Contact customer service.
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