Can I use my card abroad?

Can my Nickel card work abroad?
  • Yes, your Nickel card is accepted at 36 million MasterCard acceptance locations worldwide.


💡 For security, when connecting to your customer area from abroad, a text message is automatically sent to your phone number registered on your Nickel customer area.


This text message contains a code to validate your connection.


Always remember to update your phone number!


What are the conditions for using my Nickel card in the Euro zone?
  • The conditions of use are the same as in Belgium.
  • Free payments in shops and € 1,5 per withdrawal in ATMs.
What are the conditions for using my Nickel card outside the Euro zone?
  • Nickel does not charge any exchange commission.
    On the other hand, the foreign trader's bank may, in certain cases, charge a commission.
  • Ask before you pay or use an ATM.
    We charge this commission without profit.


With Nickel, you don't pay any foreign payment fees, exchange fees or local bank fees.


How much do transactions outside Europe cost with my Nickel card?
  • You withdraw:€ 2,5 per withdrawal outside the Eurozone.
  • You pay with your card: 1€ per card payment outside the Eurozone
  • These fees are still very modest compared to the banks' commissions, which can be as high as 7%.
With the Nickel Premium card: payments are free and withdrawals cost € 1,5.

 Nickel Premium also provides you with useful insurance when abroad.


💡 Group your withdrawals and payments as much as you can:
  • Make one significant withdrawal rather than several small ones
  • Make a grouped bill rather than paying separately when of'a restaurant with several people (as a reminder, transfers between Nickel accounts remain free!)
How do I secure my Nickel card when I'm not abroad?
  • Nickel allows you to temporarily block your Nickel card from your customer area
  • Free and unlimited, the lock on your card is useful if you don't plan to go abroad
  • You can be sure that your account is secure and that no fraud is possible.
How to react in case of fraud on my Nickel card
  • If you did not initiate a transaction on your account, it may mean that your Nickel card has been used fraudulently.
    You must then immediately proceed to stop your Nickel card.
How to dispute a transaction on my Nickel card


To dispute the transaction(s), you must send us :



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