Can I withdraw cash?

Can I withdraw cash from an ATM with my Nickel card?

  • Yes, you can withdraw cash from ATMs in Belgium and abroad as well as from all your outlets.

Can I withdraw cash at a Nickel point of sale?

  • Yes you can withdraw cash with your classic Nickel card or your Nickel Premium card at a Nickel point of sale.
  • The press hop owner must give you a receipt

How much do cash withdrawals with my Nickel card cost?

💡 As of January 12, 2021 our general and tariff conditions change:
  • Nickel offers you 3 free withdrawals per month at all Points of sale.
  • The following ones remain at the rate of € 0,5/retraction.
  • Withdrawals from ATMs are charged at € 1.5 per withdrawal.
The Nickel payment card is a MasterCard. It can be used at the 36 million points of acceptance in the MasterCard network: stores, ATMs and online shops.
If you withdraw cash in a country that uses a currency other than the euro, the foreign bank may, in some cases, charge a commission. Ask before you pay or use an ATM. We charge this commission without profit.

How do I check if I have enough cash to withdraw?

  • You can check your balance from your web client space or from your Nickel App
  • Text BALANCE to 0460 21 39 26 (not surcharged sms).

How can I check if I have not exceeded my withdrawal limits?

  • Send LIMITS to 0460 21 39 26 (sms not surtaxed).
  • Change it if needed.

How to contest a transaction?

If you wish to dispute a transaction here is the official document to be printed, filled in and returned to us via our contact form.
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