Standard or instant transfer: how to do it and how much does it cost?

How to make a transfer?

To make a transfer in euro to an account in the euro zone (euro zone extended to Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City): 

> Log in to your Nickel web space or Application 

> Go to the "Transactions" tab and then to the "Transfers" section

> Click on "New transfer".

> Choose the type of transfer "bank transfer" or "SMS transfer to a Nickel account”

> Select your beneficiary

> Indicate: the amount of the transfer in Euros, the transfer date, the reason for the transfer (optional)

> Choose the type of transfer: 

  • standard: your beneficiary's account will be credited within 48 hours
  • instant : your beneficiary's account will be credited instantly 

> Validate the transfer

How much does a transfer cost? 

> Standard transfer to another bank: it's free!

> Instantaneous transfer to another bank: €0.80 fee will be charged

> Transfer to another Nickel account: it's free and always instantaneous!