How do sms alerts work?

How can I receive information about my account by sms?

Sms alerts allow you to receive instant information on the status of your account via sms.
Send one of the following keywords by sms to 0460 21 39 26 and receive the following information:
  • BALANCE: "Your available balance is: ...€"
  • IBAN:"Here is your IBAN: xxxxxxxxx Your Iban: fr xxxxxx and your bic xxxx Our advice copy it!"
  • STATEMENT: Your available balance: xxx € Your transactions : 19/08 : -xx,xx€ 18/08 : -xx,xx € 18/08 : -xx,xx€" See you soon!
  • LIMITS" Hello, your situation ceilings are: -Payment xxx,xx/1500€ -Drawdown xx/300€ -Deposit xx/750€. Nickel
  • DEPOSIT " Hello, Your cash deposit capacity is €950. You have not made a deposit this month".
  • WITHDRAWAL:"Hello, Your cash withdrawal capacity is € xxx. You have not realized withdrawal this week. Nickel.
  • ACCOUNT: "Hello, your account is working normally. Your balance is € xx,xx. See you soon, Nickel."
  • ID : "Hello, your Nickel ID has been emailed to you. Want to change your email address?  Click here.
These sms messages are not surcharged, but they are deducted from your 60 free sms messages/year pack.

What happens when my 60 free sms messages run out?

Once these 60 sms are exhausted, you will be charged €1 for 10 SMS. You can track your consumption with the gauge available on your customer area:




How do I set up my notifications from the app?

  • Notifications allow you to receive information about your account on your mobile.
  • They are free and can be set up from your Nickel app available on Iphone and Android.
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