How to open a Nickel account?

How to open a Nickel account:

There are multiple ways to open a Nickel account:

  1. Directly online:

    Go to and let us guide you!
    The online subscription only takes 5 minutes.
    At the end of your registration, you will receive a 5-digit code by sms.

    Next, go to your nearest Nickel Point and bring:

    • Your 5-digit code (which is valid for 30 days)
    • Your ID
    • €20 to purchase your card


    2. At a Nickel Point
    • Go to a Nickel Point of your choice and ask for a Nickel card (€20)
    • Bring your ID and your mobile phone
    • You can now subscribe online, or at the totem in the Nickel Point
      If you subscribe through the totem in a Nickel Point:
    • Scan your identity documents
    • Validate your personal information
    • Sign the Terms and Conditions

Once you have collected your Nickel card:

  • The Nickel distributor will give you proof of opening your account, along with your IBAN.
  • You will receive the secret code of your Debit Mastercard by text message.
  • Your card can be used immediately.

Once you are a Nickel customer, and have your Nickel standard card, you can order the My Nickel, Nickel Premium or Nickel Metal card through the app or in your Nickel customer area for a supplement of €30.

💡 You can immediately, and for free, deposit up to €250 cash as soon as you open your account!